Wednesday, June 26, 2019

More coloring

I drew this free hand after looking at a stamp catalogue

I love working in this devotional coloring book called drawn to worship by Lisa Bogart. I used Derwents Inktense pencils and activated them with a faber castell water brush. I love this particular water brush because it has a plunger to put the water in which helps to keep it under a vacuum so when I push the button to give a drop of water it ONLY gives one drop of water verses a continuous flow of water. 

This is my favorite. Make the background look like a batik

And here is a few of my Mandalas they are super fun to color. 

This comes from a Christian coloring from Posh

And this one is Posh God is Good
More mandalas this one above I had fun blending colors into one another. 

I liked this one a lot too. I love sparkly stuff and squiggly type lines. 

I loved doing this cat. I worked hard on the eyes and I really think they look pretty realistic. 

Used a lot of gel pens. Did the swirly lines in rainbow 🌈 colors. 

This one came from a GO Magazine

You used Sudee Stile pencils with these. I love how it all turned out. 

I hope you are all having a really blessed day. Also I want to encourage all you folks who are Christian to consider visiting I am a mentor for them and it has been so rewarding to minister to Christian prisoners around the USA and some internationally. It's all anonymous. Crossroads sends you a lesson. You review it keeping in mind to be positive  and encouraging. If you have questions leave a comment below and I will try to send you more info. Blessings to all. 
Sarah Beth

Friday, June 21, 2019

More coloring

Another chalk coloring. I did this with my Arteza markers

I freehand did this giraffe πŸ¦’ and used my watercolor pencils on it. I love how it turned out. The bird I stamped and used my Arteza markers to color with. 

A close up of my giraffe πŸ¦’ 

This is Lila my service dog. Many of you know this already but I have had her 7 years now. She is able to alert toblood sugar and narcolepsy and many other things. She is a special girl. Her vest is off and she is off duty at the moment. But still adorable. 

She likes to be wrapped up when it’s cooler. 

Used the Arteza pens for this as well. They are really brilliant and beautiful. 

I showed where I tried some tangling in the last blog. Got a deal on this and thought it would be fun. I now know why it appears to me. In needlework I love all the specialty stitches. Also needlepoint uses these a lot instead of contenental stitches only. 

Saw this and I’m practicing  with my brush markers.  

Love this magazine. It has a little of everything in it to do. It published by new design originals so it includes stuff from all their coloring books. 

And here is one of my resident common amber snails 🐌. I love these little guys. 

New brush markers

Jim was so sweet to buy me this set by Arteza of 96 watercolor brush markers. I absolutely love them and I got them on sale too!!:)

They are in such an awesome carrying case. It came with a water pen too. 

These even lift out as they are secured by Velcro. 

Worked on a cross stitch bracelet. You can see my small scissors holder I made out of plastic canvas too. 

It’s coming along..

Do you see the plastic canvas scissor holder. I made that for my large handled scissors and I love it. 

I did this one with gel markers

I got this cute butterfly magnet at the dollar general and I used the Arteza pens with it. 
I also made this beautiful Monarch Butterfly πŸ¦‹ 

I love doing chalk designs. I used gel pens on this. 

This one I used Cra-Z-Art 72pc colored pencils and used a new trick for special effects. I used highlighters in pink, orange 🍊, and yellow to lighten the ends of leaves 🍁 or words. I think it turned out pretty good. 

I used my Prismacolors 150pc set on this and used my derwent colorless blender and burnisher on this. 

I used the Sudee Stile 150pc colored pencils on this one. 

And again I used prismacolors on this one. 

A good friend of my who called herself The Mindful Doodler had me curious and I just got some really neat books on it so I thought I would give it a try. Well I hope you all love today’s edition. Much love and blessings to all of my followers. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Went shopping

Went shopping today and Jim spoiled me and picked this sheet of stickers out for me on the sly. I love animals and he knows me well. Aren’t the Pugs adorable:)

Picked up these skiens of embroidery for just a dollar 1.19 a piece they are #48. I think they are beautiful and the have some good plans to make some pretty pins done in needle point for my friends. 

Got this pretty stationery at the party paper place at the Birch Run Outlets a few days ago. It’s meant for computers but  I would hand write in calligraphy on it. I’m learning how to use my new watercolor brush markers to write beautiful letters with them and they would look awesome on these. Plus I can perforate down the middle if I want. 

Got these at the paper party store too. They have Parisian Cats, Butterfies, Birds, and Floweres too. 

Got this pretty Wassi tape at Owossos JoAnn’s for $.89:) used a 20% off coupon with their app. 

I love these birds. I plan to use both of these in my Bible and prayer Journaling. 

I think these will make the cutest tags and bookmarks for friends and Journaling while I spend time with Jesus. 

This is an Embossing card and it came with a super cute acrylic stamper too. I will be breaking out the Watercolors to use with this for sure. I see super cute stationery in the future. 

I have had my eyes on these new style of watercolor brushes by the Royal and Langnickle company. Can’t hardly wait to give it a review. 

This is one of my precious Amber Snails 🐌 from my 🌸 fence garden. I discovered these guys a few years back and right away I fell in love with them. The following spring I was so excited to see them come out of hibernating and I told my neighbor. Well she didn’t share my excitement and was sure they would destroy her plants🌱 on her side of the fence and mine. I figured they’ve been there a long time and weren’t going to bother anything. I was right.  That year my flowers πŸ’ were the most beautiful that they’ve ever been.  I did research and I urge gardeners to think twice about killing snails. Unless they are the giant African land snails 🐌 you have nothing to worry about. They are actually beneficial to the plants because they often eat the bad aphids and pest bugs that really cause the plants harm. And besides that. There are 10 times the amount of snails and slugs below the ground that will eventually come up so it’s really senseless to poison them with pesticides and beer. And they are so adorable. 

Well I know I haven’t posted in a looooong time and I’m glad to say I will be doing a lot more I. The future. After my last blog SarahBethCross-StitchBlog got hacked after so much hard work it broke my heart and I lost my mojo for a while but I’m ready to branch out and get back into the community. Hope all my old friends will stop by again and say hello.